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Today’s Tour: First Timers!

Jan. 28, 2017— Giving tours is definitely one of my favorite things to do on campus, and today was one of those days that reminded me why!

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My Best Tour Moment So Far

Feb. 15, 2016—I am in love with giving tours at Vanderbilt. My most recent tour, however, ended with the best moment I’ve had so far.

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The End… For Now

Dec. 14, 2015—Reflecting on my third Vanderbilt semester... and being halfway finished with my sophomore year.

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Thanksgiving in Dixie

Dec. 7, 2015—One of my favorite things about Vanderbilt (other than, like, eight million other things—including, but not limited to, Grins Nutella paninis, really fat squirrels, and the fact that I’m currently wearing Nike shorts in December) is that we get a full week off for Thanksgiving break. This break comes just about two weeks before finals,...

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On Unchecked Boxes and Sophomore Year

Oct. 7, 2015—Hi. My name is Lee, and I’m a compulsive to-do list maker with a schedule that barely gives me time to eat sitting down. (Cue soft chorus of “hi, Lee”s from the assembled crowd, Styrofoam cups of instant coffee with non-dairy creamer teetering on their knees.)

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