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Need a Lifestyle Change? Here Are Some Resolutions for Second Semester

Jan. 14, 2019—I remember August 18th, 2018 like it was yesterday. It was Move-in Day for the Class of 2022, and arguably one of the most exciting–and nerve-wracking–days of my life so far. Thankfully, I’d soon come to find out that almost everyone felt the same trepidation as I did. Over the course of my first semester,...

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Feb. 15, 2012—In light of this new semester, I've been trying to exercise more (big emphasis on trying). I'm not particularly a fan of working out, so I like to find ways of exercising which are actually fun as well. I love swimming at the Rec, but I generally don't have enough time to set aside for a good swim, so recently I've picked up a new hobby--kickboxing!

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An hour of calm.

Feb. 2, 2011—College is stressful. This is particularly true of Mondays for me, as I have class from 9-4 with only an hour break, and then a meeting afterwards. By the time I make it through two more classes on Tuesday, I tend to feel a little stressed that the week isn’t even halfway over.

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