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Learning to Love Your GPA

Jan. 6, 2020—Vanderbilt is naturally full of high achieving students. To even be accepted to Vanderbilt means that you were probably at the top of your class in high school, and maybe even had a 4.0 GPA. I know that for me, high school was never particularly challenging, and I wasn’t studying for hours on end. I...

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The First Five Things I’ll Do At Vandy

Aug. 20, 2013—I’m very excited to head back to school after making many fun memories over summer vacation. I even wrote a blog post about the five things I needed/wanted to do before leaving home since as Dorothy says: “there’s no place like home”. ;) In the same vein, I wanted to write a blog about the first five things I’m going to do upon my return to Nashville..

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I’m Done, Where Do the Books Go?

Dec. 15, 2012—It's the end of the semester, what do I do with all of these textbooks now?

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The life of a Peabody student during finals week

Dec. 13, 2012—Vanderbilt has an intriguing finals atmosphere: students meander around on 0-2 hours of sleep per night, moving from a test to the library and just maybe stopping for coffee in between. When you're a Peabody student, however, your life tends to be a bit different come finals week.

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Double ‘Dores: The Perks of Going to the Same College as Your Sibling

Mar. 15, 2012—I was the only student from my high school who came to Vanderbilt this past fall. However, I knew one other person when I arrived to campus. My older brother Ryan is a junior at Vandy. Attending the same college as Ryan has had many advantages, from little perks to having the opportunity to strengthen our relationship.

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Books and Books and Books!

Nov. 5, 2011—This Monday, Vanderbilt opened its new bookstore, a Barnes & Noble / Vanderbilt Bookstore combo that had me wanting for months (especially since its construction meant Borders was closed since we got back for this semester). After waiting and waiting and pretending that Central Library’s stacks were actually the shelves of Borders (rest in peace),...

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