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Using Your Resources

Apr. 7, 2019—One of the great things about being a Vanderbilt student is the plethora of academic, extracurricular, and personal resources available to students. We’re only here for a limited amount of time, so using of all of the services offered is paramount. Here are some of the resources I’ve been able to take advantage of that...

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How to be a Problem Set Pro

Sep. 17, 2013—As I find myself pumping out four problem sets a week, with my first round of tests looming around the corner, I'd consider myself slowly becoming a problem set pro. After one month into my hardest semester yet at Vandy, I thought I'd offer some study tips I've picked up along the way, that particularly apply to all those engineers or soon-to-be engineers out there.

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Yom HaShoah – Reach Out

Apr. 23, 2012—This past Thursday, the world celebrated Yom HaShoah, or Day of Holocaust Remembrance. Well, how is this related to Vanderbilt? Well, for one, Vandy has a phenomenal Jewish community on campus, but also, last weekend, I had an interesting opportunity that would not have occurred without the effort to create a connection with one of...

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