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Storage Wars

Apr. 30, 2013—There is a ton to do at the end of every year to move out! I feel like I never realize how much stuff I have until it's all packed in boxes and there is barely any space in my room...Last year my parents drove down to bring all my stuff home. Except after we could barely fit it all in our mini-van, my mom said next summer I would be flying home. As the end of the semester rolled around, my dad, sensing my high stress level from finals, decided to come down for the weekend to help me pack up. On top of being incredibly helpful, it was so nice to see him since I hadn't seen him since January!

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Final Thoughts on Leaving School

Apr. 27, 2013—Undoubtedly the most stressful element of leaving school at the end of the semester is finishing up your exams, projects, and papers. But there are other obligations that also cannot be ignored. For example, all of the different groups have senior send-offs and banquets that you must attend...

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