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‘South Carolina’

Road Trip

Sep. 16, 2013—This weekend, me and my twenty-one best friends ventured to Columbia, SC to watch the Dores take on the Gamecocks!

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Mary Kate in Another State

Dec. 10, 2012—*A guest blog by dear friend and partner in crime, DJ MK (Mary Kate Hardy) The hardest part about coming to Vanderbilt was leaving my family since we are so close, but I have found a way to balance communication and support from my family with new experiences and lifelong friends at school. It all works out!

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Formal Weekend

Apr. 6, 2011—In my opinion Formal Weekend and Rites of Spring Weekend are the two best weekends of the semester, no question. Rites will be blogged about next week, so for now I’m gonna focus on Formal Weekend.

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