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‘Second Harvest Food Bank’

To be a BEAN: Bettering Environmental Awareness and Nutrition

Jan. 25, 2015—This school year, a group of ten students is completing a Mayfield project on campus to learn how to produce and consume food in an environmentally-friendly manner. The VanderBEANS first examined their own eating habits, and then educated themselves by watching and discussing several documentaries such as Food, Inc. and King Corn. In October they spent...

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Preparing for Spring Break

Nov. 27, 2013—While I have nothing against the other seasons of the year, my mind has been wandering to Spring the past few weeks, more specifically Spring break.

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A Saturday of Service

Sep. 25, 2012—This past weekend, I volunteered at the Second Harvest Food Bank sorting meat in a giant refrigerator.

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Food Truck Motorcade

Sep. 4, 2012—Nashville hosted a wonderful gastronomic event this weekend at Centennial Park that I took advantage of: The Nashville Street Food Awards. It was a festival of "nomnoms" without compare.

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