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An End to 4 Years of Football

Dec. 1, 2014—With Vanderbilt’s last game of the season against Tennessee, it capped the last football game of my undergraduate career. Sure, by the end of the Tennessee game, I was bitter that we had not finished the season with a win, losing by a narrow margin of 7 points. But, it was time for the season...

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Second Semester Review

Apr. 16, 2014—Almost all of my thoughts today have been future-oriented––I have specific plans for the rest of this week, for the weekend, and for next week, and that's all there is left of my semester. But I also want to take time to savor the memories of this past semester. My love for the Vanderbilt community grows with time, and leaving is bittersweet. Here's a post looking at the semester in review.

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