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Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Mar. 3, 2017—Pre-med, pre-law, pre-dent…the list goes on, especially in the healthcare industry. Chances are, you’ll either meet someone who’ll follow the “pre-__” track or you’ll follow one yourself. I certainly did: I was pre-med. Whenever someone advises you that college is a time to grow, they’re not lying. But you have to be ready: growth can...

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Choirs and Culture

Mar. 19, 2016—Some weekends are more involved than others, but this one? Singing, pancakes, enormous essays, and throngs of prospective students? Oh Vanderbilt, I never tire of what you send my way.

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Ever the Planner

Mar. 15, 2016—Sure, it has been a while since I've posted, but just you wait, there's content a-coming.

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From Music City to the Big Apple

Oct. 2, 2012—This summer I spent my time commuting and working in New York City!

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