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Above the Mason-Dixon Line: Part 1

Sep. 30, 2014—This past weekend, I did something I have never done in my life. I walked in new waters. Waters above the Mason-Dixon line. I entered the North: an eye-opening experience. Now you’re wondering, why did I spend a weekend up in the north? Well, I was invited with two other guys to attend the National...

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Meeting Stephen Colbert, and more!

Jul. 3, 2013—The Colbert Report, a visit from my brother, Pride, and more!

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Back in the USA

Jun. 19, 2013—Hello faithful followers, It has surely been a while since my last post, but I have made it back to the United States safe and sound. I left Edinburgh on the 25th of May (sad face), and since then have moved into my summer apartment and started interning in New York City. Leaving Edinburgh, and...

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Winter Break Travels

Jan. 4, 2013—I cannot believe that winter break is almost over and I am less than a week away from the start of classes. It seems like this break in particular has flown by. I spent the first week eating mass amounts of ice cream while watching lots of TV show marathons because I got my wisdom teeth removed. And this past week I spent in New York City with my family!

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I Did What? Kairos Global Summit Blows My Mind.

Mar. 2, 2011—It is really amazing what opportunities you are afforded while attending a top tier university. I say this because of the weekend I just experienced. In short, I attended the Kairos Society Global Summit in NYC, so let me explain how I got this chance, and of course what that means.

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