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‘Move Crew’

Moving in for the Last Time

Aug. 15, 2013—Today, my dad and I left Miami Beach bright and early. We were planning to drive to Chattanooga and spend the night there before picking up my mom and sister at the airport early Friday morning. As it turns out, we were in Chattanooga by 4:30 PM and we decided to drive the final two...

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Tips for First-Years

Jul. 9, 2013—After my own first year at Vanderbilt, I kind of forgot about the anxiety and anticipation that leads up to move-in. But, this year, with my sister preparing for her first year at Vanderbilt, and all of her friends leaving to schools around the country, my house is full of the same stress and nerves that I brought home three years ago. I remember wishing that I knew older Vanderbilt students, who could give me advice, or even just calm me down. Here are a few things that all first years should remember.

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My Yearly Arm Workout

Aug. 21, 2012—Being a soccer player, I don’t do much in the way of arm-muscle-building.  I often refer to my arms as “limp noodles.”  I’ve come to think of move-in as my yearly arm workout, and this year, I got an extra dose of arm exercise.

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We’re All In This Together

Aug. 19, 2012—On Friday, the upperclassmen ventured out of Main Campus, ready and eager to unite for the Common(s) cause of Move-In! We received half sheets of rules, which taught us things like, “Hangovers aren’t fun at 6:15 A.M.” which was our appallingly early check-in time, and gave us pictured instructions like, “Squat to pick up boxes,” which almost inspired my friends and I to create a goofy how-to video. After a few motivational speeches from the Heads of Houses, we stampeded the Commons Centers to pick up our awesome Move Crew shirts.

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A Whole New World

Aug. 12, 2012—What to expect on Move-In Day! Less then a week! I'm bouncing off the walls with excitement for (or with!) you!

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A Freshman in Disguise: Move Crew 2011

Feb. 19, 2012—If you ask any undergraduate student about the day he or she first moved to college, he or she can give you a clear account of that eventful day. Mainly, this is due to the excitement, anticipation, and possibly fears of moving into a new home. However, if you ask a Vanderbilt student, all the students remember move in day because of Move Crew.

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