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Semester Update: Part 1

Mar. 4, 2013—It is now about halfway through the semester--AKA Spring Break! (more on that in my next post), and sadly blogging has fallen somewhat by the wayside--terribly sorry, lovely readers. In this edition of Semester Update, I'll give you a bit of a run-down on all of my classes and how I'm liking them at this halfway point!

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Course Considerations

Oct. 25, 2012—It's that time of the year—registration for the spring semester is fast approaching!

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Semester Five

Oct. 1, 2012—Now that my fifth semester at Vanderbilt is underway, I feel qualified to tell y'all about my schedule for the semester and how declaring my major has practically changed my life. (cheesy but true.)

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Educational Psychology

May. 9, 2012—For my Educational Psychology class this past semester, we could pretty much do anything that we wanted for our final project.  Our professor suggested that we use our future careers as inspiration, with the only requirements being that it had to have seven to nine sections and it had to be related back to Educational...

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Parlez-vous Francais?

Feb. 3, 2012—It’s one in the morning, my room is a disaster, my homework is not done, and what am I doing? I’m blogging, of course.

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