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What It’s Like to Work on Campus

Feb. 28, 2018—Most people who know me well know will tell you that I work in a “nut lab” here at Vanderbilt. This is the colloquial name we have given to the research core in the medical center where I have spent several hours a week since arriving to campus. The reason we call it the nut...

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Hospital Volunteering

Jan. 31, 2014—Since the end of the last semester, I started volunteering at the Emergency Room in the Vanderbilt Adult Hospital. With Vanderbilt University being affiliated with a hospital so close by, it gives students looking into the medical field an opportunity to look at exactly what they are getting themselves into. Whether this be through shadowing,...

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Pre Med? Vanderbilt is the Answer

Apr. 3, 2013—If medical school is part of the plan, Vanderbilt should also be part of your plan. Why? Read on.

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Week 1

Jun. 15, 2012—The end of my first week at the lab and a short re-cap of what happened.

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The Very First Day

Jun. 11, 2012—Today, I started my first day as a Summer Research Undergraduate Student Assistant Worker. The adventure begins…

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