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‘London School of Economics’

The College Scholars Program

Feb. 20, 2015—One of the best things about Vandy is that it offers generous financial aid to its students. While many receive need-based financial aid, some students also receive merit scholarships. There are many kinds of merit scholarships at Vandy that prospective students can apply for, but the most prominent ones are the full-tuition scholarships, namely: The...

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Vanderbilt 2017

Mar. 25, 2011—This Wednesday I formally accepted the Vanderbilt Law and Economics PhD/JD Program offer.  This program is 6 years, so I’ll be a Vanderbilt 2017 graduate!  I think it’s appropriate now to post some snippets from my personal statement (for law) and economics (statements of purpose).  (You may not recall but I applied to law schools...

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Study Abroad at LSE!

Aug. 13, 2010—Ever since the beginning of my sophomore year, I’ve wanted to attend the London School of Economics.  I’m very happy and blessed that I was able to take the course Public Finance course this past July. Structure We had 12 lectures (10am-1pm almost everyday) by Professor Jonathan Leape, who was incredibly articulate, humble, and an...

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Mar. 17, 2010—Many people don’t understand the true value of a U.S. citizenship.  Being a U.S. citizen gets you access in some countries without a visa for a certain length of time; it’s also extremely easy to get a visa to most parts of the world. I am currently a citizen of the People’s Republic of China,...

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