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‘Living Learning Community’

McGill: Where the Wild Things Are

Oct. 10, 2014—“I don’t feel like joining a frat,” I said to my friends back home before I left for Nashville. “It doesn’t suit my persona.” “Well, good luck, then!” they responded. “You’re on your way to frat central.” At first, I actually believed them. I heard about how stereotypically Southern Vandy was in every way it...

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And away we go!

Aug. 21, 2012—After the summer flew by, my first week back at Vandy flew right behind it, as well. Between two music organizations, a Mayfield, moving in, and friends, I was occupied the entire week, and school starts tomorrow!

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Home Sweet Home: The Mayfields

Mar. 27, 2012—Information about the Living Learning Communities on Vanderbilt's campus, more specifically the Mayfields!

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