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Sophie Druffner: My Life in GroupMe

Nov. 21, 2016—Since my phone is dead so often, GroupMe and email are my primary forms of communication. I’m 90% sure that everything in my life could be reduced into GroupMe, and actually, looking over this post now, I think that it has. (If you have further questions on the things mentioned here, check out the relevant...

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Jae Goes to Bolivia: The Miracle [Part 8]

Aug. 15, 2014—With school starting back up, the big question I ask everyone is, "What was your single greatest moment of the summer?" It's much more fun than simply asking what someone did over the summer and I get to hear about the exciting parts of people's live. My last week in Bolivia gave me my "single greatest moment."

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Hospital Volunteering

Jan. 31, 2014—Since the end of the last semester, I started volunteering at the Emergency Room in the Vanderbilt Adult Hospital. With Vanderbilt University being affiliated with a hospital so close by, it gives students looking into the medical field an opportunity to look at exactly what they are getting themselves into. Whether this be through shadowing,...

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My Craziest Week Yet

Oct. 6, 2013—Last week was possibly the craziest of my time at Vanderbilt. After months of preparing for the LSAT appendicitis tried to get in my way of taking the test, but there was no way I was letting an organ the size of a finger stop me!

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