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‘guest speakers’

Homecoming 2018

Oct. 29, 2018—Homecoming was roughly two weeks ago, but I definitely had an exciting weekend. Here’s a recap of Homecoming 2018 at Vandy!   On Monday, Vanderbilt Programming Board hosted Daymond John from Shark Tank in an evening speaking event. The event was completely free, and he gave very inspiring advice about how to successfully achieve your...

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I Spy the Science Guy

Oct. 9, 2014—You may think it would take a hot musician or a superstar actor to garner a full house of Vanderbilt students, but all it really takes is a little bit of science.

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Oct. 3, 2012—Vanderbilt recently announced that it is partnering with Coursera to offer free online courses. As such, when I was able to attend Daphne Koller’s (co-creator of Coursera) presentation for extra credit, I was super-excited. I thought it would be a somewhat interesting discussion, but I never imagined just how incredible this program really is nor how influential it will be to my future career...

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If Only I Were Rick Steves

Mar. 22, 2012—I heard Rick Steves, the famous travel guide author, speak at the Student Life Center on Monday. I am beyond jealous of his life.

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Noodles, iPad applications, and tutoring.

Feb. 5, 2012—The title of this post might seem a little strange. Correction, the title of this post is a little strange. But what do noodles, iPad applications, and tutoring have in common? Well, they’re all areas in which the last three guest speakers for one of my classes have been entrepreneurial.

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