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‘Freshman Year’

What’s up World?

Sep. 9, 2012—Hello Inside ‘Dores readers! Well this is it, my first of many blog posts for Inside ‘Dores. To get the ball rolling I guess I will just talk about who I am, how I got to Vanderbilt, and what I do here on this awesome campus! My name is Luke Anapolis and I was born...

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Double ‘Dores: The Perks of Going to the Same College as Your Sibling

Mar. 15, 2012—I was the only student from my high school who came to Vanderbilt this past fall. However, I knew one other person when I arrived to campus. My older brother Ryan is a junior at Vandy. Attending the same college as Ryan has had many advantages, from little perks to having the opportunity to strengthen our relationship.

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Freshman Forget-me-NOTS

Aug. 6, 2011—Packing up for the first year of college is overwhelming.  For one, you’re excited to (finally) be out of the house and on your own.  Classes are better, friends are better, and life is just a lot more fun.  But, you face the prospect of packing up everything you’re going to need for a year...

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