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‘Faculty Head of House’

An International Thanksgiving

Nov. 27, 2015—Thanksgiving can be a lonely time for international students all around the country. It’s the time of year where we eat take-out while scrolling through our social media accounts looking at the enticing home-cooked meals our American friends are sharing with their families. Fortunately, thanks to my Faculty Head of House Dr. Cone, and his wife Mrs. Cone, I avoided a Thanksgiving spent in solitude.

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The Myth of Love at First College Tour: A Highly Indecisive Student’s Guide to Choosing Vandy

Apr. 11, 2015—And finally, one last truth: choosing to come to Vanderbilt was the best decision I have made in my entire life, and I cannot imagine being happier anywhere else.

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Urban Gardening at Vanderbilt

Jan. 20, 2015—When it comes to taking action on environmental issues, urban areas are ripe for reform. That means building mixed-use properties that allow people to work and shop within walking distance of their homes, expanding public transportation systems, making cities more friendly to pedestrians and bikes, and developing sustainable food systems with farmers’ markets and urban gardens.

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