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Packing for Vanderbilt

Apr. 29, 2013—As I defrost my fridge and empty my Brita filter for summer, I remember when I was first packing for Vanderbilt not knowing what exactly to bring. Here are my suggestions for what appliances are worth it:

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Dorm Living

Nov. 28, 2011—I went to boarding school, so this year is my 5th year living in dorms.  I know that may sound like a scary thought to some, but they’re really not that bad. I promise.

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Senior Year Begins with a Jump into the “Real World”

Sep. 7, 2010—Well… it’s happened… I have officially started my senior, and last, year at Vanderbilt University. Is it a bad thing that I was (and still am) extremely jealous of the freshman moving into their dorms a few weeks ago? Is it bad that I didn’t want everyone to come back to campus from their summer...

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