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‘‘Dore for Day’

Welcome to the Class of 2019!

Mar. 22, 2015—CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE NEWLY ADMITTED MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF 2019! Welcome to Vanderbilt; we’re so excited to have you!

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#TBT Visiting Vanderbilt

Nov. 8, 2013—Today marks one year since I set foot on the Vanderbilt campus for the first time. After four days in Nashville last November, I knew where I wanted to go to college. (And the first thing I did when I returned home was finish the application essays!) So why did I choose Vanderbilt? And why Nashville?

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See it to belieVe it!

Apr. 3, 2013—On the fence? Why you should come and visit campus again!

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The Joy of Visitors!

Apr. 24, 2011—One of my favorite parts of college is having friends and family visit and being able to show them around! This past week, my uncle came to visit and I was able to give him an unofficial tour of Vanderbilt, as well as go to an Indian restaurant I hadn’t tried out yet called Bombay...

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