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How I Prepped for the MCAT as a Vanderbilt Student

Apr. 8, 2019—Being a college student means that life can often seem hectic. Between classes, extracurricular commitments, and friends, these four years take balance and a whole lot of time management. As a junior, one other thing was added to my already-busy load at Vanderbilt: studying for the MCAT. So, I thought I’d share what that process...

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Shadowing 101

Jan. 28, 2019—A big part of being a pre-med student is seeking out opportunities to learn about the field outside of the classroom. One of the best ways to do this is through shadowing physicians. Shadowing entails following a physician around over the course of a regular work day, and seeing what their career looks like up...

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A window into the Future

Oct. 3, 2013—My experiences shadowing a Physician at the Vanderbilt Medical Center

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Pre Med? Vanderbilt is the Answer

Apr. 3, 2013—If medical school is part of the plan, Vanderbilt should also be part of your plan. Why? Read on.

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