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A Not-Quite-Winter Wonderland

Nov. 17, 2014—I’ve been at Vanderbilt for just over three months now, and some pretty cool things have happened. I made some great friends, learned a lot from my awesome classes, and even saw Bill Nye. But all of that pales in comparison to what happened today. Yes, lovely Inside Dores readers. Today, it snowed. I had...

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Guest Blog: Home

May. 2, 2013—Thoughts from rising junior, Taylor Bryant, on being a college student and the meaning of home...

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Caitlyn’s Catch-Ups: Teeth Troubles

Dec. 20, 2012—Catch-Ups Part 6: wisdom teeth edition. Last Wednesday night, I packed up my things for home, and Thursday morning I set off for the airport to start my journey back to California! (With some trepidation, I might add, since my mom announced to me on Wednesday morning that I had to get my wisdom teeth pulled on Friday. Surprised doesn't even begin to describe how I felt.)

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My Thanksgiving in Pictures

Nov. 28, 2012—I decided to switch it up a bit, so this blog is presented to you in the form of a photo adventure through my Thanksgiving break!

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Packing: Step One

Aug. 14, 2012—As the summer approaches it’s end, I’ve begun the first stage of my packing endeavors: cleaning my room.

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From Nashville to Phoenix to Home!

Nov. 20, 2011—This past Wednesday, I packed up my bags and left for Thanksgiving Break early, along with the rest of my wonderful women’s club soccer team here at Vandy.  

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