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Glee Party in Branscomb Lobby

Oct. 11, 2011—Who says college students aren’t devoted Gleeks?

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Laundry Day!

Apr. 25, 2011—There are two ways to do laundry at Vanderbilt. One, you could go and use the laundry machines conveniently located in the bottom of our dorms, or two, you could avoid learning how to do laundry and use the Laundry Service.

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They don’t clean my bathroom anymore?

Feb. 9, 2011—Throughout my Vanderbilt career I have truly had some great luck in my housing! Freshman year I lived in Branscomb, (Yes, I am that OLD that I never lived on the Commons). Branscomb is the dorm that is right beside Greek row, has a Munchie Mart in the bottom, a great study lounge, and a...

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1 More Year…

Apr. 26, 2010—I would like to expand on Seth’s point in his most recent post, asking the question, “Are we done already???” And would like to emphasize how much it is freaking me out too! Seth… just you wait… its going to start going by faster and faster and FASTER and before you know it, you will...

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