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‘Bluebird Cafe’

All About the Bluebird

Jan. 28, 2017—If you’ve never heard of the Bluebird, it is an iconic, tiny music venue in Nashville.

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An Evening at The Bluebird Café

Nov. 26, 2014—Thankgiving Break Update: falling in love with Nashville's music scene.

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Bluebird Cafe Extravaganza!

Dec. 8, 2013—Heather finally gets to go to Bluebird Cafe!

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The Bluebird Cafe

Nov. 8, 2013—When I arrived at the Bluebird Café last Thursday, I had no idea I’d be seeing Kacey Musgraves, CMA’s Best New Artist, perform.

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Are you RED-y?

Jan. 30, 2013—If you're going to live in Music City, you have to learn how to make the most of it!

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A Night Out in Nashville: Bluebird Cafe

Nov. 15, 2010—On Saturday night, two Towers Head Residents (one being me) took a group of 20 students to the Bluebird Cafe.  Bluebird Cafe is a legendary place where multitudes of popular songs have been birthed.  It’s one of Nashville’s best known attractions.  The song writers that perform there are absolutely amazing! At 5:45pm, we boarded our...

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