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‘Blair life’

A Day in My Life

Nov. 29, 2019—I hope everyone has been having a restful Thanksgiving! Vanderbilt students are lucky and we have had this entire week off (a much needed break from school). Despite it being my senior year, my schedule has still been packed, so before this semester ends, I’d like to share a general overview of how my week...

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Blair Life: ft. orchestra

Jan. 31, 2019—A big part of the music major life is participating in one of Blair’s large ensembles, orchestra and wind symphony. As a cello performance major, I am required to play in orchestra every semester and it has been such a wonderful experience to perform masterpieces written by the greatest composers of all time. Tonight, the...

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Blair Life! (Sort of).

Oct. 26, 2015—"You're a Blair kid, right?" "Yes! Well.. sort of." Having been asked this question since the very beginning days of school, I'm very used to it. But the answer is still sort of complicated, and will continue to be so until December. (*Cue Beethoven's Fifth*).

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