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I Can’t WAIT to Have a Little!

Feb. 15, 2016—I’m finally getting a little sister! A little sister in my sorority, that is.

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Big/Little Reveal

Feb. 18, 2013—As I walked through Rand last Wednesday, I made sure to grab multiple copies of The Hustler and The Slant, even though I’d already read both (and completed the crossword). I stocked up on scotch tape and bundled up for the cold as I waited for my Big to pick me up from Towers. It was time for Big/Little Reveal 2013!

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Speed Dating

Jan. 28, 2011—Last Wednesday, I did speed dating…with the sophomores in my sorority! Since sophomores will be paired with new members in a few weeks and become their “Big,” the two classes needed to get to know each other better.

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