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‘Big Brothers Big Sisters’

A Day in the Life of Eileen, Part 2

Sep. 26, 2013—After describing a typical day for me last February, I figured I'd do it again this semester!

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“I Will” Weekend of Service

Sep. 16, 2013—For the past few years, Vanderbilt has sponsored a weekend of service in honor of those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001. Organizations set up events in the Nashville community to help others and students all across campus sign up to join (even if they aren't in that organization).

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Big Brothers Big Sisters Update

Apr. 8, 2013—Even though I’m pumped for summer to start in T-1 month, I’m a little sad the school year is ending, more specifically the school year at Cameron Middle School. My little sister from Big Brothers Big Sisters goes to school there now but will entering high school in the fall, so we will have to close our match.

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Valentine’s Day!

Feb. 15, 2012—I was about to type that I’d had too much chocolate yesterday, but then I realized that’s not possible. Either way, I probably ate an unhealthy amount of chocolate because it was Valentine’s Day! Come on, all the sugar, chocolate, and baked goods are one of the best parts of the day.

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Big Brothers Big Sisters

Sep. 11, 2011—I now have a little sister! Not biologically speaking, but through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Middle Tennessee.

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