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‘Back to Vanderbilt’

Vandy Lingo 101

Aug. 12, 2017—I remember how I felt this same time last year. There was exactly one week remaining until I finally set foot on Vanderbilt’s campus as a student and hearing the Move Crew, which I’ll be a part of this year, scream “Anchor Down!” as I arrived on campus. There is so much about Vanderbilt that...

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The Obligatory Philosophical Post

Sep. 17, 2016—Where do I even begin? I could ramble on about how nice it is to return to campus (though I’ve been back for nearly a month at this point), how despite the humidity and the heat, which now fade quite pleasantly into early autumn, I find no fault in this place, and how my classes...

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Vandy Homecoming

Sep. 3, 2012—After an extended hiatus, I’m back! If I don’t look familiar anymore, it’s because I spent the spring semester studying abroad in Dakar, Senegal!

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