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Send us yo questions (yo)

Jun. 23, 2017—Email your questions about anything, because we know it all (obviously). :) Even if we don't, we can always find someone who does.

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A Snapshot of Samantha

Dec. 12, 2012—As I sit here on a slightly lumpy chair in a dorm on the 6th floor of Lewis, surrounded by friends and eating a fresh strip of bacon and a homemade omelet (the product of a breakfast-for-dinner attempt), I am overwhelmed by how happy I am.  Mumford and Sons is blaring from someone’s Mac and...

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More on Professor Van Schaack

Apr. 11, 2011—Morgan Weisman, my fellow blogger and sorority sister, is right. Academics at Vanderbilt are not always a piece of cake, but there are those professors that make paying $50,000 on a tuition bill worthwhile. Professor Andy Van Schaack is one of those.  I realize Morgan elaborated quite a bit on him, but enough can’t be...

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Not A Piece Of Cake

Apr. 4, 2011—I didn’t expect college to be a piece of cake. I mean let’s face it: this is Vanderbilt. I came in expecting a challenge, and I certainly got one! Don’t get me wrong, and don’t even think I’m complaining, because being challenged is a lot easier with professors like Professor Van Schaack.

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