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Just do… Everything!!! (Status of Everything: 12.5% Completed!)

Dec. 23, 2015—Two months ago I sat down in my advisor’s office and pulled up a word document entitled “The Grand Plan.” We both laughed a little as I showed her how I had planned out the next four years, study abroad and all. The Grand Plan involves an Applied Mathematics Major, a General Music Minor and...

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All About Merit Scholarships

Dec. 1, 2015—A very last minute plea to y'all to apply for these scholarships. They're totally worth it!!

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College Scholars Honors Seminars: The Microbiome to Italian Film

Oct. 26, 2015—Imagine my surprise when the counselor told me that instead of taking a FYWS (First-Year Writing Seminar), I could take an Honors Seminar instead, through the College Scholars Program! Oh, how I love the Cornelius Vanderbilt scholarship!

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This is Vanderbilt.

Oct. 7, 2015—I spun through the air and then landed on the concrete, laughing. It was midnight and Zack and I had just attempted the swing dancing routine Around the World. Around us, about seventy-five people swing danced, whirling around in sundresses or sweatpants, their feet scraping against the floor of the top of the parking garage.

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Why Vanderbilt?

Oct. 7, 2015—The day was March 6th and the time about 4:00 PM. Standing in my kitchen, I stared at the email. Later, I would learn that many of the other CV Scholars had the same experience; was it even real?

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The College Scholars Program

Feb. 20, 2015—One of the best things about Vandy is that it offers generous financial aid to its students. While many receive need-based financial aid, some students also receive merit scholarships. There are many kinds of merit scholarships at Vandy that prospective students can apply for, but the most prominent ones are the full-tuition scholarships, namely: The...

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