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FALLing in love with Vanderbilt

Oct. 28, 2013—Sorry for the tacky title, but it gets my point across: I LOVE fall in Nashville. Here are a few reasons, complete with pumpkin carving, Halloween and the weather.

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When the Going Gets Tough

Sep. 25, 2013—...this girl relies on coffee, sleep and Grey’s Anatomy to make it through the week.

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How Do I Know?

Sep. 21, 2013—Answering the real question at the root of my family's inquiries: how do I know that I'm in the right place here at Vandy?

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Friday I’m In Love

Sep. 15, 2013—Who said Friday the 13th is automatically a terrible day? Whoever it was, I have proved them wrong and avoided the supposedly inevitable bad luck.

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