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Rebecca Jacobson ’19

Hi guys!

My name is Rebecca, and I’m from right outside of Dallas, TX. I am a sophomore here at Vandy and loving every single bit of it. I was an avid Inside Dore’s reader back in the day, so if you’re reading this, we already have something in common!

Aside from being in love with all things Vandy, I also just can’t get enough of Nashville. You can usually find me at one of the local coffee shops on a weekday afternoon, window-shopping at 12th South boutiques, going for a run in Centennial Park, or trying out one of Nashville’s totally unique restaurants. Pretty much all of my life savings have been spent on food, but trust me, in Nashville it’s totally worth it!

I’m currently double majoring in Human Organizational Development and Economics, but to be honest, that’s still up in the air because I’m really bad at making life decisions. Aside from being an Inside Dore’s Blogger, I’m also involved in Reformed University Fellowship, Tri Delta sorority, Dore for a Day, Relay for Life, and I live in a Mayfield (which means I’m living in a house with nine of my best friends!).

If you’re reading this, it means you are probably at the same stage that I was at just a few years ago, and you are anxious to learn more about what life is like here at Vandy. Whether you are interested in the things that I’m involved in or you just have completely random questions, shoot me an email me at and I would love love love to hear from you!

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