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Carly Meyers ’18

Hailing from the suburbs of New Jersey, I am a Northerner at heart who is IN LOVE with the South (or maybe just with Nashville, to be determined). I’m an easily excitable and easily impassioned person, but there are a few things I am especially excited and passionate about. They are: Vanderbilt, Nashville, concerts, the fall, playing guitar, Nashville, teaching, snowboarding, and Nashville. Did I say Nashville? Ok good.

I am double majoring in Elementary Education and Spanish, on the track to getting my masters in English Language Learning. I am obsessed with the education program at Peabody so PLEASE send any questions regarding that my way!

As far as my involvement in extracurricular organizations on campus, I am a Tour Guide (aka love love love talking about and showing off Vandy), in the Pi Beta Phi sorority, captain of my intramural soccer team (Team Geronimo shout out!), co-president of the Murray House-Susan Gray Fellowship, and am on the Dance Marathon Morale Committee. Expect blog posts about each of these, because it would take up my entire bio to talk about what each organization is/why I love it! That being said, please reach out if you can’t wait to hear more info on any of those!

If you have any questions or just want to hear more about anything, shoot me an e-mail at! I would seriously LOVE to hear from you and talk about pretty much anything! I hope you enjoy my blog :)

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