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Here’s how we get around Vanderbilt’s campus

Posted by on Saturday, April 13, 2019 in Campus resources, College Life, Freshman Life, General Information.

I remember looking for my classes a few days before my first semester started and wondering how I was going to get from one side of campus to another in ten minutes, so I could make it to a class on time. There are several ways to get around campus quickly. Also, be content with the fact that at some point in your first semester, you’re going to realize you could have made a 15 -20-minute walk into a 5-minute walk by using shortcuts you had no idea existed. Here are a few popular ways that Vanderbilt students get around campus:

  1. Scooters (electric and non-electric)- Limes, Birds and personal scooters are pretty popular on campus. I don’t think there’s been a day when I was walking to a class that someone didn’t shoot past me on a scooter.

    Scootering is fun!
  2. Bicycles- These are popular as well. Vanderbilt’s campus is bike-friendly, and the sidewalks are big enough, so you’re not worried about maneuvering between people walking. During the ten-minute break between classes though, it can be hard to get through a crowd of people walking to their next class. Also, if you bring a bike, factor in the time you need to lock it to a rack.

    Biking around campus
  3. Skateboards, penny boards, longboards etc., – A lot of people own these so if you’d rather use a board, you won’t be alone. The bends on campus pathways are wide enough that you won’t have to make any sharp turns and risk falling.
  4. Uber/Lyft – On the occasional day when you’re late for an important class/meeting or the weather is foul, I’ve known a few people who would take an Uber/Lyft to their destinations. On Commons, where first-years live, there are very convenient Uber/Lyft pick up/drop off spots.
  5. Vandy Van – The Vandy Vans are an initiative that are certainly very useful. Instead of walking around campus late at night or in the cold, these shuttles take you to locations where students usually frequent. There are three routes and different Vans at any point in time in the night.
  6. Good old-fashioned walking- Walking is a great form of exercise and it gives you a chance to look at how beautiful campus is.

If you have any questions about bringing any of these to campus and/or getting around campus in general, feel free to email me at

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