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November, 2017

Life Next Semester: Senior Classes

Nov. 7, 2017—In early October, nerds like me get ready to sort through the courses being offered for the spring semester, spending hours and hours analyzing and crafting to create the perfect schedule. The official list of classes for the spring semester is released in early October; student registration takes place the last week of the month to...

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Into the Wild

Nov. 5, 2017—Two weekends ago, I fulfilled the long-awaited bucket list item of going backpacking. Since arriving to Vanderbilt three years ago, I have wanted to take advantage of the wonderful camping and hiking spots that are in the Nashville vicinity. But between Vanderbilt’s vibrant campus life and the seemingly never-ending homework assignments, I never carved out...

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Such pretty! Wow foliage!

Nov. 4, 2017—Feast your eyes on these gorgeous scapes of land! All on this lovely campus: I literally stopped while riding my bike so I could capture this gorgeous scenery. Fall really is quite beautiful on campus! The weather this weekend is a bit strange. It was colder during the week, especially mornings and evenings. But starting...

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Last Undergraduate Classes!

Nov. 1, 2017—There’s nothing like registering for your last undergraduate classes to make you feel ancient! However, registering for classes as a senior means getting all the classes you want, even some of the most popular Econ classes! I’m done with AXLE requirements and my Corporate Strategy minor, so I just need to take 15 hours to finish...

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