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Looking Forward to Fall Semester

Posted by on Sunday, August 6, 2017 in College Life, Housing, Student Life.

With summer winding down, it’s time for me to start preparing for the new school year. Although I’ve had an amazing and relaxing summer, there are more than a few things about moving back to Vandy that I am looking forward to. First of all, I will be living in Towers this year, and my room is suite-style, meaning that five of my friends and I will have our own full kitchen, common room, and bathroom to share. This style of living is completely different than where I lived freshman and sophomore years at Vandy, and I am so excited to have the option to cook and have a bigger living space in my dorm room. And, an added bonus of living in a suite means I get to live with five friends (not just one)!

(Most) of my future roommates and lots of friends hanging out in a towers suite!

Speaking of friends, I am even more excited to be back with all of my Vanderbilt friends that I’ve had to go the whole summer without seeing. The friends that I have made at Vanderbilt are some of the most encouraging and fun people that I know; there’s a reason we’ve been ranked the number one happiest students again! Overall, I’m looking forward to a great junior year full of new experiences and old and new friends!

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