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Senior Year Classes!

Posted by on Tuesday, April 11, 2017 in Academics, College of Arts and Science.

I just finished registering for new classes, and without further ado, here’s what I’m taking for the Fall 2017 semester, the start of my senior(itis) year!

  • Financial Management (FNEC 3705): A required course for my Financial Economics minor, this class is taught by the head of the Managerial Studies department, Gary Kimball (also known as the fastest email responder!). This class will teach me “analysis of cases representing capital budgeting, forecasting cash flow, risk assessment, capital structure, mergers and acquisitions.” Fancy words, but lots of practical applications, so I’m really excited!
  • World War II (HIST 2720): Remember when I told you I wanted to learn more about World War II after my fantastic Maymester? Well, thankfully Professor Bess is back to teach this class, which has been named Vandy’s best class by many graduating seniors! This class will focus on “origins and causes of the global conflict; the six years of military campaigns; politics and diplomacy of war-making; race as a factor shaping the war in Europe and Asia. Impact of technological innovations; social and economic aspects of the struggle, as well as its moral and psychological implications.” This is the class I am most looking forward to next semester, and I can freely waste time watching watch war movies on Netflix and call it “homework.” This course counts toward my AXLE requirements.
  • Entrepreneurship (MGRL 2300): This class is required for my Corporate Strategy minor, and the best part is that it is being taught by my VUcept partner, Joe Rando. I have taken a class with Joe before, and as a repeat customer, I am so happy to be taking a class with such an engaging and caring professor! The only thing I am dreading about this course is the inevitable group project, which suffers from the free-rider problem. However, all my group projects in Managerial Studies have gone smoothly, so fingers crossed! This class will teach me “functional areas within companies, business plans at various stages of company development and critique of business plans for investment suitability.”
  • Corporate Strategy (MGRL 3250): This is the last class needed for my Corporate Strategy minor, and it’s being taught by Professor Leddin, who comes highly recommended. This course will focus on “examination of the issues and challenges facing corporate management. Responsibilities and interrelationships of functional areas including marketing, finance, operations, and R&D. Industry, competitor, and customer analysis. Design and implementation of corporate strategy. Informational and control systems. Interpersonal skills for effective teamwork.”
  • Economics Honors Seminar (ECON 4981): This class is required for the honors program in Economics, and it will help me in my honors thesis (a blog post about that soon!).
  • Economics Independent Study (ECON 4998): This class will be with my honors advisor, Professor Driskill. It will help refine my honors thesis, which is on the aviation industry.

I know my courses are all about Economics, Financial Economics, and Corporate Strategy (my major and minors), but with only two semesters left, I don’t have much space in my schedule to take classes just for fun, like I did during freshman and sophomore years. However, I am excited for all the classes I am taking, and I will keep you updated about them in the fall! If you’re a prospective student who is interested in my major and minors, feel free to email me at!

Also, Vandy has a new business minor, starting this fall!


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