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Sophie Druffner: My Life in GroupMe

Posted by on Monday, November 21, 2016 in Academics, College Life, College of Arts and Science, Commons, Creative Writing, Diversity, Extracurriculars, Family, Freshman Life, General Information, Housing, Learning Style, Living Learning Community, Religious Life, Student Leadership, Student Life, Thanksgiving Break.

Since my phone is dead so often, GroupMe and email are my primary forms of communication. I’m 90% sure that everything in my life could be reduced into GroupMe, and actually, looking over this post now, I think that it has.

(If you have further questions on the things mentioned here, check out the relevant posts and email me questions! :))

Here we go! :)


My sister!!! (Center) And I get to see her in three days from now!!!
  1. “TRASH SISTERS FIVE LYFE” | This conversation probably needs minimal explanation. This is my chat with my sister, except that instead of directly messaging each other, she created a group. She can’t communicate with me via phone as part of the ROTC program that she’s in, so she pretends to study sometimes and messages me stealthily.
  2. “Mommy and Me’s” | A family chat for my mum and one of my sisters, who is a year younger than me. Mostly complaints about missing home and hearts from my mum.
  3. “Druff Fam” | Family Groupme, with me, one of my sisters, and my parents. Most notable thing on this GroupMe: a picture of a nose piercing gone wrong sent from my Dad, in response to my telling him that I was thinking about getting a nose piercing. (Thanks, Dad, I love you too).

SOCIAL (This might just be all my best friends <3 )

  1. “Robbie” | Chat with one of my best friends. Most times entertaining. Robbie is a Mechanical Engineering Major who is also pursuing classes for Political Science. If you have any questions, hit me up, and I can direct them to him!
  2. “Peter” | Another chat with one of my best friends. Peter is a Physics and Classical Languages double-major who will do anything he can to get other people to be Physics Majors. So, if you’re even slightly interested, let me know… : ) (Also, Peter wants to be a Dominican priest! So if you’re interested in the priesthood and also in Vanderbilt, Peter is the person to talk to :))
  3. Somto” | Somto is one of my bestest friends and also just as crazy as I am (Peter and Robbie are very calm characters). She a Chemical Engineering Major who is involved in half a million things, including the National Society for Black Engineers (NSBE), the African Student Union (ASU), research through SyBBURE, and so many leadership roles I can’t even name them, much less count them. If you’re interested in these things, let me know!
  4. “Katie” | Amazing person. Chemistry and Theatre Major who is auditioning for a voice performance minor. She knows everything theatre.


  1. “Mayfield 16: [insert attractive international celebrity’s name here]: This is my Mayfield’s casual groupme, where memes, videos, and snide comments are posted. Every week we have a different international celebrity, courtesy of one of the crazier (and extremely lovable) members of my Mayf.
  2. “Mayfield 16: Official Business”| Notifications about housecleaning duties, our showcase, and various “official business” things here. Sometimes (most times) salty.
  3. “Memorable Quotes from Mayfield 16” | A collection of quotes from various house members over the years. Status: Very amusing.
Yes, the "Sophie" mentioned is me.


One of the many gems from the "Jubilee" GroupMe
  1. “Jubilee” | Named in honor of the Jubilee Year of Mercy, this is the University Catholic sophomores’ groupme. We post prayer requests, Catholic memes, and general invitations to hang out here. This is the one GroupMe that contains all of my best friends and it makes my heart happy.
  2. “Jewels: Prayer Group 2020!” | This is the prayer group/bible study for first-year girls that I lead through University Catholic. I absolutely love all of these girls and they’re amazing. For more information about this bible study, check out this post. For more information about University Catholic, check out this one.
  3. “Lights of Columbus” | This is the women’s version of the Knights of Columbus (although, unfortunately enough, we don’t get swords. Tears). This group is to talk about being a Catholic woman in college, and our value in Christ. We meet once a month to talk about being a Catholic woman, and I always leave the meetings feeling so light! (Mwahaha… I’m sure you didn’t see that coming ;) )
  4. “Awakening XIX: Adams Fam” | Awakening is a retreat held every semester and sponsored by University Catholic. Almost everyone is divided up into families, made up of a mom and a dad and several students. They’re themed too (hence, Adams family!) It’s literally the most amazing thing ever and everyone, regardless of religion or belief, should go on this retreat. It’s quite literally indescribable.
  5. “Daughters of the King” | My own bible study (led by the nicest junior ever named Carly), on Sunday mornings.  Carly is a clarinet performance major in Blair, so if you have any questions about da real Blair life (I’m a performance minor), email me and I’ll forward questions to her!
  6. “Phi Lamb #pi ” | I LOVE THESE PEOPLE. Even though I had to become inactive this semester for Phi Lamb, I still keep up with members of my pledge class. They’re super amazing and I love them so much! I also love Rachael’s occasional stories about grapes turning into raisins. Well, actually that was one story. But it was still super amusing. Anyway, for info about Phi Lamb, check out this post! (First hyperlink’s post written by me, second written by a fellow blogger! :))
  7. “Queen Elizabeth Line” | Named after our g-g-g-g-gbig, Elizabeth, this GroupMe is home to my Phi Lamb “Pham,” the Princess Pham! Being inactive has kept me somewhat out of the loop, but I still love grabbing coffee with my big and my gbig. Shoutout to Anna and Renee, y’all are so awesome :)
  8. “Christian Girls Network” | A GroupMe of about 100 Christian girls on campus. Girls post prayer requests and inspirational memes periodically for others to pray for.
  9. “Synesis Contributors” | This semester, I wrote for the fall edition of Synesis, a journal of Christian faith and reason. My piece is called “Finding a Purpose in Love,” and if you’re interested, I can send it to you via email! Synesis is a new journal, part of the Augustine Collective, which is a collection of Christian faith and reason journals around the United States.


  1. “CV Scholars Ideamakers” | This GroupMe began with the goal of  starting the Cornelius Vanderbilt Scholars Council. Today, that Council has become a reality, and me and the other two members of this GroupMe are now the heads of one committee each—Event Planning, Community Building, and Public Relations (me!)
  2. “College of A&S Cornelius Vanderbilt Scholars” | Announcements of the CVSC’s study hours, monthly events, and shout-outs to various CV Scholars within the College of Arts and Sciences
  3. “CV Council” | For all the members of the CV Scholars Council, which includes Jason, Sam, and I (the founders), as well as all the committee members.
  4. “CV Council PR Team” | Pretty self-explanatory. Also, please note that there’s actually about three more CV GroupMe’s. Obviously, we love this app :)
  5. “SFL Current Board” | This is the GroupMe for the For All Life Executive Board, which is the board for Vanderbilt’s only prolife organization. I’m going to write a post about this soon, but for a brief introduction of what we do, check out “For All Life” under this post!
  6. “Official SyBBURE Notifications” | Rarely used, courtesy of our Slack Channel, people post notifications about the SyBBURE research program and amusing science memes. For information about SyBBURE, check out this post!
  7. “Nikita and Sophie Take SyBBURE” | As part of SyBBURE Searle Undergraduate Research Program, students form groups and pursue group projects throughout the semester. This semester, I’m working on creating a better violin instructional book for middle-school learners with two amazing people – Jad and Nikita.  We really need to edit that name, though, as Jad revolted from being our minion. (*Evil laugh*)
  8. “Diff EQ” | Short and sweet, used mostly to ask what the homework was.
  9. “University Pediatrics” | For me and two others in my Ethics honors seminar (part of the College Scholars program)  to ask questions about our volunteering at University Pediatrics. Mostly used for observations of the cuteness of the children.


Roses for Randos!
  1. “Roses for Randos”| (First, please excuse the name… I was trying out some alliteration here and it didn’t quite work out). A couple times a month, two of my close friends, Jenny and Peter, and I hand out roses at the hospital. It’s incredibly rewarding and beautiful. The last time, my Saturday prayer group came, and it was so much fun!
  2. “Best Jedi Mind Tricks 2” | This is my old math class from last year (Math 2500-2501). The class was unforgettable, and this GroupMe is resurrected once in a while for math jokes. For info on the life-changing class that is Math 2500 and 2501, check out this post!
Note; Series Not Pictured. Funny all the same :) (At least, I think so...)

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