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Gift-Giving at Vandy

Posted by on Monday, November 21, 2016 in General Information, Greek Life, Student Life, Winter Break.

‘Tis Holiday Season on campus and the festivities have begun! I love everything about this time of year, but gift giving is definitely my favorite part. There are a few different groups at school that I’m involved in that are partaking in gift giving and I can’t wait to go shopping for them all! Here are the events in which I’ll be giving gifts:

Angel Tree (hosted by Vanderbilt Student Government)

The best description for Angel Tree is found on its Facebook page: “In partnership with the Charles Davis Foundation, VSG is excited to announce the start of our annual Angel Tree. With your help we will be able to provide holiday presents for approximately 400 local children who otherwise may not receive any. By signing up to “adopt” you will truly brighten the holiday season of your child!” I’ve “adopted” two children to buy gifts for this year for Angel Tree and cannot wait to buy them each a toy and an article of clothing they can wear as part of their school uniform. I’ll take any excuse to go to Toys ‘R’ Us, especially for such a great cause!

Secret Sisters

My sorority decided to do a secret gift-exchange at chapter before we all head home for Winter Break. All those who wanted to participate were given the name of a sister who they should get a gift for. The limit of spending is $20. I already have some ideas for my gift and I’m sure that whoever drew my name will have something cute for me as well! (here’s a fun article about getting a little in my sorority in case you want to know more about my experiences in Pi Phi!)

Mysterious Menorah

My group of friends (who are actually all Pi Phis as well) started this tradition last year. Since about half of us are Jewish, instead of “Secret Santa”, we call our seasonal gift exchange “Mysterious Menorah”. Similar to Secret Sisters, we all got the name of another friend to buy a gift for.

As if all of this wasn’t enough gift-giving, two of my closest friends and I all have birthdays within the same week, the week we get back from Thanksgiving Break. I’ve asked my friends to make a donation on my behalf to Dance Marathon for my birthday, but I’m sure some of them will get me something small or, at least, a nice card and I LOVE cards. Additionally, I will be getting presents for my two other friends and can’t wait to think of something perfect for them both! I love gift giving, I love the thoughts of gratitude that come during this time of year, and I love everything about the holiday season.

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