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“Yo Zeppos” – An Evening with the Chancellor

Posted by on Sunday, November 8, 2015 in Freshman Life, General Information, Housing, Speakers, VUcept.

As we get closer and closer to the end of this semester, the Vanderbilt Visions program is coming to a close as well. Visions is a great way to bring people from different backgrounds, who might not have met each other on their own, together. My VUceptors, Bill and Melissa, are so supportive and welcoming, and I definitely want to keep in touch with them in the future.

Anyway, for our Visions meeting last week all of the Visions groups got to spend their evening with Chancellor Zeppos at a Q&A session where he answered all of our questions ranging from personal to professional to philosophical. And yes, at one point a student did address our esteemed Chancellor with “Yo Zeppos” – a definite highlight of the night. Chancellor Zeppos is actually so funny, and it was really interesting to see how the head of our university views Vanderbilt.

Chancellor Zeppos shared his plans to improve student life by eventually renovating all of the dorms, reaching Commons and College Halls level quality. As someone who’s already kind of concerned about sophomore year housing (living on Commons is hard to beat!), it’s nice to know the high-ups are looking out for us. The first step in Zeppos’ master plan is to take down Vandy Barnard after Commencement this year, and move forward from there. I’m excited to see how Vanderbilt’s campus evolves in the future.

Zeppos also gave us some quality advice for our academic futures. It was super reassuring to hear that Chancellor Zeppos believes being undecided freshmen year is one of the best decisions a college student can make. I, as a very undecided first year student, wholeheartedly agree! Being undecided gave me the freedom to be adventurous and take completely unrelated classes, which helped me get closer to figuring out what I really want to study.

Getting that time with Chancellor Zeppos was really great because when else will we get the opportunity to speak with the head of Vanderbilt? The fact that our administration is so willing to be open with us and tell us what they think is really cool too!

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