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Heating up in the Chill

Posted by on Sunday, November 8, 2015 in Art, College Life, General Information, Student Life.

This November is going to be crazy.

Let me catch you up: as some of my co-bloggers have said (and certainly all have felt by now), class registration can be hectic. Like, I woke up thirty minutes before registration started, enrolled within five minutes of the webpage opening, and I only got one of five classes in which I had initially planned on enrolling.

Instead, though, I was forced to look into new, equally interesting classes, and let me tell you, there is no short supply of those. My political science course Public Policy transmuted to Crisis Diplomacy, and my first year writing seminar changed from Genius and Madness to Shakespeare’s Legacy. I say these were blessings in disguise, and I’m super excited to see what I can make of next semester!

That being said, I still have plenty of time left in this one, and I’m trying to fill it with all sorts of goodies. I succeeded in that goal last night by attending Vanderbilt’s first ever “Create-a-thon,” an event orchestrated by, among other organizations, the Vanderbilt Review.

There was lots of mingling before we got down to business.

The whole event was awe-inspiring: there was painting poetry, spoken word, juggling, sculpting, and even singing (some of which was by yours truly), all amalgamating into one perennial night that gave the creators on campus a chance to release their inhibitions.

Artists! Look at them go!

For me, though, the creativity isn’t going to stop there. I’m participating in something called the National November Writing Month, which is just an initiative to get people to write, err, a novel. In one month. Yeah.

As a college student, that’s not exactly going to happen, but I can at least make headway on it! OI think I’ll detail my progress every now and again here, along with the progress of my friends, our writing techniques and how we balance everything.

On top of all this, I have essay to write, tests to ace (confidence is key, right?), and naps to take in between everything. Less than a month of actual schooling remains, but it’s not going to slip away Quite contrarily, it’s going to be more packed than ever before, and it’s going to be great.

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