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Good Times Are Here

Posted by on Monday, October 5, 2015 in College Life, General Information, Living Learning Community, Student Life.

Time passes strangely and magically in Vanderbilt.

I can see my perspiration from here! Photo courtesy VU Flickr.

I can hardly believe that it’s been a month since that sweaty collage (seriously though, black shirts and August afternoons don’t mix well), and since then my perception of time has become progressively more distorted, but in a this-is-what-time-is-supposed-to-feel-like way. Classes are blurring past me in a flurry of information, yet somehow everything works out well. The friends whom I’ve seen for days seem like friends I have known for years. These are miraculous feelings, and I’ll never forget them.

But I doubt you came to this blog to hear the sappy philosophical ramblings of yours truly; you came because you like (and if I can help it, love) Vandy.

The best "Welcome home" I could ever imagine. Photo courtesy VU Flickr.
Poorly taken photo, excellently played game.
So excited for the Anchor Dash!

This is where the love starts. The people. To some this may seem like a mundane understatement, but I never expected to be welcomed with such fervor by people I didn’t even know. How is that even possible? How did I just fall in love with so many people, not even realizing how quickly I was plummeting?

Tbh, I couldn’t care less about how it happened; I only care that it did. Now, every day I get to live and learn with people whom I will cherish forever.

But…what was that? L-learning?



Look at them go! Photo courtesy VU Flickr.

Look, happiness! No books, everything is better now, right?

Nah, all joking aside, the academics of Vanderbilt are important and should be treated as such, but I’m not going to soap-box and say that I’m the paradigm of good study habits (and consequently Starbucks’ favorite customer). I’m learning to balance studying and socializing just like most of the other first years, and that’s honestly part of the college experience: playing with different techniques of living, and finding which one works best.

Did somebody say that I should talk about something else? Oh, yeah, yeah I think I saw a nod in the back. Moooving on!

Actually, there’s only one more thing I want to show you. It’s my favorite picture so far, and I didn’t even make it–envious. Check this out:

I didn't know it was possible to be surrounded by so much fluff. Photo courtesy Megala Loganathan.

Pretty nice, huh?

It’s such an accurate representation of my experience though! I’m clinging to sources of comfort with a slightly deranged expression. I’m stretching to hold everything that I want to hold, and chemistry is looming in the background, the periodic table laughing sinisterly!

The Wyatt Center is such a majestic building...

Everything comes back to this, though this perfect idea that I’m staying in such a diverse, wonderfully welcoming and connected environment. This is a new home for me, one with which I’m still evolving, but I would love to show you around. Will you let me?

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