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Posted by on Thursday, October 29, 2015 in College Life, General Information, Internship, Student Life.

In the crooks of shadowy, ruminative corners of the mind lay deadlines and test scores, meetings and maybes. In wispy tendrils they do swirl, always present but never enough so to be fully comprehended. This is anticipation, and I venture to say it is among the most common feelings on campus.

The past few days have been full of that for me: waiting to hear from interviews, predicting grades on papers and tests, and planning, planning, planning.

And if there’s one thing that requires a ton of planning, it’s an internship. I actually attended an interest meeting for one in DC just the other day. Just to give some perspective on how much time this stuff takes, the internship is set to start around June, a full eight months out from now. Call it naivety, but I never thought it would take that much time…

That’s just the game now, though, but while it’s true I’m always looking ahead, I keep a firm eye on the present; I wouldn’t dare miss some of the interesting events on campus, like this jazz performance:

Vandy has so many talented musicians!

Regardless of my opinions on jazz, there are few things more wholesome to witness than artistic people coming together and making wonderful works. (Maybe I’ll give that genre another chance after hearing them play!)

There’s one more creative event approaching with which I’m sure many of you are quite familiar: Halloween! I can feel the excitement – the anticipation, if you will – toward yet another year of scant costumes, excessive sugar intake, and questionable decisions.

As much as there is to anticipate, though, there is always a bounty of things to catch me unaware. Just the other night, as my friends and I were returning home from the Rec, we stumbled across a musician nestled between some buildings, performing pleasantly in the evening.

I never would have expected such a lovely surprise!

Thus, it can be said that one can only dwell on so many things before succumbing to the universal humor that mocks our foresight, its name being surprise; so I’ll write my papers and plan my life, but a travesty it would be to lack silly photos and 2 a.m. karaoke. There’s a lot of living to do.

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