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Life Hacks for the Class of 2019

Posted by on Tuesday, April 14, 2015 in Admissions, College Life, Commons, Culture, Dining, Food, Freshman Life, General Information, Health, Student Life.

If I’m grateful for one thing my freshman year at Vanderbilt, it’s Commons. They really weren’t lying to you on the tour, Commons makes the freshman class much closer and easier to assimilate your first couple weeks. That being said, it’s really easy to always stay on the first-year campus aside from classes and fall into a day to day routine. Once you start to get the swing of things next year (and yes, everyone eventually does), here are a couple tips that’ll save your life.

1. Learn the shortcut through the Vanderbilt Medical Center.

If you’re walking from Commons to main campus or vise versa, this cut through will save you a ton of time and crowds. You won’t have to face the narrow bridge if you’re in a rush. It can be confusing at first, so do it with friends the first time or two until you get your bearings.

2. Explore Grins, Pub, Food for Thought Cafe, and basically anywhere that isn’t Commons Dining.

Commons is close, convenient, and relatively good dining hall food. Mark my words: you will get so sick of it, so pace yourself. There are plenty of options all over campus. It might be scary or intimidating to go somewhere new for the first time, but I promise 1,600 other first-years are in the same boat… and the food will be worth it.

3. Get a card sleeve on the back of your cell phone from Card Services.

I promise you that you’re not too cool for it. As someone who’s on their fifth commodore card their first year, I STRONGLY advise you to invest in one (plus they’re free).

4. Learn where Student Health is.

Beware: you will get the Commons plague, and it will be awful. Make an appointment at student health. A tip: they won’t take you if you’re a second over ten minutes late for your appointment, so know where you’re going and don’t be late. In order to be successful in college, your health has to be a priority!

5. Utilize Vandy Vans.

Get the app for your phone so that you can see when they’re running and arriving at each location. From 5pm to 5am in the morning, these shuttles run all around the campus. In the wee hours of the morning, these will be a godsend.

6. Actually go to the Activities Fair in the beginning of the year.

Its the easiest way to get involved with campus life and meet new people. Countless organizations are there and begging for new faces. You won’t regret going and you can sign up for more activities than you’ll actually participate in.

7. Bring old halloween costumes or random clothes. You never know which themed parties you’ll be busting into.

From overalls to tutus to heart-shaped sunglasses, you can find an excuse to wear almost anything over the course of the semester. To save your friends and you trips to the nearest thrift stores, bring funky attire with you.

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