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A Crêpe-y Kind of Day

Posted by on Sunday, November 23, 2014 in Alumni, College Life, Dining, Food, General Information, Nashville, Thanksgiving Break.

Celebrations were to be had after our last classes on Friday.  Therefore, I crossed off four things from my bucket list in a mere 18 hours.  DeSano’s, The Red Bicycle, the Nashville Farmer’s Market, and running up Capitol Hill were all achieved.  Just casually starting off Thanksgiving Break with awesomeness.

We were literally in Nashville. See?

On Friday night, we celebrated the early birthday of a very special someone, whom you will recognize as our very much loved, former Editor-in-Chief of Inside ‘Dores: V.  Taking a very round-about route, we made our way to DeSano’s, to which V. gave the very high praise of “the best pizza place in Nashville.”  I would tend to agree.  They bequeathed Queen V. with a birthday cannoli, and in the back where they were tossing dough in the air, they gave a tall, salutary clap of flour.  It was all very exciting.  And delicious.

One of the dudes making pizza would toss the dough behind his back! It was incredible to watch! Photo cred to V.

The next morning, of the friends who hadn’t yet left for home (away from our Vandy home of course), those left journeyed to Germantown for a wonderful breakfast at The Red Bicycle.  Their crepes are enormous… and enormously delicious!  Our recommendation to you is to find a buddy so that together, you can split a savory crepe, such as the splendid Highlander, and a sweet one, like the mouth-watering Funky Monkey.  Boy was that was a great breakfast.

Side story that didn't really go with the flow of the post: the dude wearing the hat was the sweetest. Way before we met for this breakfast, he drove some friends to the airport. Then when we were on our way to the creperie, he received a Facebook message from one of the girls he drove that she might have left her phone in his car! So he speedy quick hurried back to the airport, got there in time to hand the phone off to her before she boarded, and powered over to join us for the eats! What a champ!

On the way to that quaint breakfast, we had passed the Nashville Flea and Farmer’s Market, so heigh ho we spontaneously decided to tack on those things to our morning of fun.  We found local pottery, fun hats, and edgy backdrops for our fake band photos.  Then we ventured into the coolest food court ever, where there was a conglomeration of international food venues.  The foodie in me is dying to go back and taste everything.

So many spectacular finds at the Flea Market!

We then ventured into the Farmer’s Market, where we scampered around in awe at the locally grown vegetables.  So.  Much.  Yum.  There, we sampled succulent cheese and the best donut I’ve ever put into my mouth, and I purchased some colorful yellow, orange, and purple carrots to roast in olive oil and basil later this week.  Everything smelled and tasted fresh and wonderful.

Sorry for all the corny puns, but I carrot resist saying, "Turnip for what."

S. and M. and I still had some time to spare, so off we went to Capitol Hill.  How fortuitous that it was gorgeous outside!  We met a tour group from California while running over the huge map of Tennessee.  Looking generally adorable and precious, we climbed the Hill, frolicked in the grass, learned how to click our heels.

Do you see how much fun we're having?

This morning was probably one of my favorite ones ever.  Giving thanks for the friends and the adventurous start of this break!

Wishing you a lovely Thanksgiving as well!

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