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Stalking the Class of 2018

Posted by on Sunday, May 4, 2014 in Academics, Admissions, Blog, College Life, Extracurriculars, Freshman Life, Greek Life, Housing, Student Life, Student Organizations.

I have a confession, blogosphere.

I have been watching, following, and lurking…

I have been stalking the Class of 2018.

Wow. That sounded creepy. Anyway…

I’ll tell you this straight up: I am impressed.

They seem like pretty cool people. I mean, I say this purely based off the Facebook posts and tweets I’ve read, but I’d say that’s a fair indicator at this point.

If I am freaking you out at this point, please spare your concern. I come in peace. I am simply excited about our future ‘Dores! I enjoy reading about your search for roommates, your curiosities, and, perhaps most importantly, your concerns.

So I decided to steal a few of the questions off the Unofficial Class of 2018 Vanderbilt Facebook page and take the opportunity to answer them here!

1. What kind of computer will I need for Vandy?

I really have no idea why, but I hear this question all the time. This seems like a major concern for incoming students. While I understand that engineers have different requirements, and I am much the opposite of engineering, I can say that, for Arts & Sciences, you are absolutely fine with any functioning computer. Personally, I have my MacBook Air for notetaking, and I have never needed anything else. There is definitely no one type of computer you need for college. I have heard a lot of students asking about the high propensity to have a Mac on campus, but that really isn’t so. I have friends with notebooks, and I have friends with just classic desktop computers who prefer taking notes by hand (Note: I am not capable of writing that fast. Therefore, I do not recommend this method). It is purely preference based. So come as you are, my friends!

2. Do I have to be in a fraternity/sorority? Is Greek Life all life on campus?

No. As a non-Greek, I can tell you here and now, it ain’t no thang. I have an absurd amount of friends who are in sororities and fraternities, and it really doesn’t make a difference. There isn’t a strict dichotomy at Vanderbilt. Those involved with Greek Life are not sent down one path, while us non-Greeks travel down another. While it is very popular on campus, it isn’t something you will ever feel forced into participating in. If you choose not to rush, you will not lose friends. If you choose to rush, you will not lose friends. You can still attend Greek events and parties just like anyone else.

Yes, those who rush are going to get very excited around rush season and want to rant to you about all of the intricacies of their sorority that you may or may not have invested interest in, but that’s okay because assimilation between Greeks and non-Greeks occurs pretty fast after first-years rush. Either way, rush or not, you’ll be okay and you’ll always have fun.

3. Can I bring my Keurig?

Yes, and it will quickly become your best friend if it isn’t already. Especially when you don’t want to leave your bed to go get breakfast, and you really need caffeine to make it through that 10 page paper due in 3 hours…(not that this happened or anything).

4. Are upperclassmen cool with first-years?

Dude, yeah. I love first-years (Ah! I’m no longer a first-year! Cool!). On the first day of classes, I was trying to map out where everything was, and I became really frustrated because I knew I looked like a typical freshman with a map and a look of dismay. After running in circles for a few minutes, a student, who I later found out was a Junior, stopped me and asked if I needed any help. He was incredibly nice, and he mapped out all of my classes for me in the easiest way possible. I was honestly shocked with how accepting he was of my noob-like behavior. Later on, I realized that there really is no difference between the treatment of Freshman and any other class on campus. It’s all chill.

5. Does anyone know how to get involved with organizations on campus?

Vanderbilt makes it so easy! We host a giant organization fair near the beginning of the year where you will be given countless free things and have the opportunity to sign up/give your email for any campus organization. It is loud, crazy, and tons of fun. Seriously though, DO NOT MISS THE ORG FAIR. It is the best opportunity to sign up for the things you’re passionate about early in the year; it also gives you tons of info for organizations you didn’t even know existed. Speaking of which, don’t forget to come see me at the Inside ‘Dores table this fall! I am excited to be the new Recruitment Chair for Inside ‘Dores, which basically means I get to excitedly encourage you to apply for the blog!

6. How is the meal plan?

HAHAHAHAHA. You are going to have so much food that you won’t know what to do with it. Food for days! And the food is amazing! You will have so much amazing food! Enjoy it! Savor it! Work out after it! Don’t even worry about bringing food to college because, at Vandy, there is no way for you to starve. You can have a meal each and every meal period, which amounts to three giant meals a day if you wish. Bon appetit!

Okay, okay. So those are some questions I keep seeing on the Facebook page. If I missed anything, and I surely did, email me ( and I will be happy to answer any and all questions! Otherwise, have a kickin’ summer, and I will see you cool cats in the fall!

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