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Just got your admission letter? What’s next?

Posted by on Sunday, March 9, 2014 in Admissions, General Information.

Congratulations to the members of the class of 2018 who already know that Vandy is going to be their home for the next four years! I applied Regular Decision myself last year, and around this time I was compulsively checking my email every 5 minutes. I fished out my admissions letter recently and it was really weird to think how important that piece of paper was for me. /future class of 2018: fear not! and relax. Your admission letter will come in before you know it.

Looking back on when I got my letter, I must say that I did not handle it very well. For starters, due to the time difference, when I got the email from admissions it was midnight in Syria. I had just woken up to get a glass of water and I checked my email (as usual. Every time I grabbed my phone I would check my email ). This time, there WAS an acceptance email from Vanderbilt and I remember reading it, but I also remember falling right back to sleep like nothing happened.

I kid you not, I just went back to bed and slept like a child until the next morning. I was going through my usual daily affairs, some homework, chores, laundry,etc.. and it wasn’t until later that night that it hit me. Wait.. I did get an email last night. wait. no . right. It was from Vandy.  So I went back to my inbox and filtered through all the facebook notifications (lol) until I found it. That was one of the best moments ever. I jumped, screamed and called everyone I know.

I must say, however, that what I considered the longest period of time in my life is between my acceptance letter and the day I got to Vandy. So in the spirit of reminiscing, I put together a list of things you could do to help pass the time

– My email became my best friend. We were kind of rivalries before because I kept waiting for it to bring good news, but after I knew I was in we became best buds. You will receive many emails from Vanderbilt. Read them because they will let you know how to register for housing, etc… and offer really cool information about what Vandy is like.

– Dream, and dream big. think about what you want to do at Vanderbilt. Explore student organizations. Read blog posts. Plan the colors of your dorm room. Don’t try to plan a career, just get excited about your time here.

– Go out with your high school friends. Once you get to college things will change a lot, so make sure you have made wonderful memories.

– Go shopping with your mom (or dad). Seriously. You will miss being able to go to the mall with your mom and have a nice ice cream sundae.

– Get some Vandy swaag. Once you get here, there’s Black and Gold everywhere, but until then challenge yourself into getting prepared to Anchor Down by the time you get here.

And finally, be proud of yourself. You’ve made it into one of the best schools in the country and you deserve it.

Class of 2018, can’t wait to meet you!

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