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New Classes at the New Rec

Posted by on Sunday, February 2, 2014 in Athletics, College Life, General Information, Student Life.

Part of the reason for my sparse blogging is that I have been spending a lot of time at the Student Rec. Quite frankly, in my previous three and a half years at Vanderbilt, I generally despised going to the rec. I love working out, but the rec was old and smelly, and there were never enough machines during peak hours. I also never took advantage of the fitness classes offered because there were not very many and they were at inconvenient times. BUT, I have some good news to report! The Student Recreation Center has been completely renovated and expanded. It is now tied with the work out room in Alumni Hall for my favorite place on campus.

We now have an indoor training facility that was built for many of the sports teams. The track team had their first home meet of the year just last week. It was awesome because I got to go watch and support the Dores. I had never been to a track meet before, and it was nice to be able to stay on campus. The indoor facilities are also open to the general student body when it is not reserved by a team. I am so glad that I could check ‘frolicking on astoturf’ and ‘pretending to run hurdles’ off of my bucket list. Just kidding- kind of.

Upstairs, there is a huge room with brand new machines. There are at least 15 treadmills, 15 ellipticals and 10 stationary bikes. Each machine has its own TV with full cable. I find myself spending a little too much time walking on the treadmill so I can watch the end of the evening news. Oops. All of the machines are also great for customizing workouts. They have so many settings and options, so I have yet to get bored of a workout.

The expansion of the facilities also includes 2 new fitness classrooms. Now, there are more than three times more classes offered. They have everything from Ballet Sculpt to Functional Fitness. I have tried 5 different classes and I have loved them all.

I am so excited to finally take advantage of the Student Rec. Too bad I have less than 100 days to do so…

Isn't it beautiful?!
Black and Gold Track

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