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Man-I’ve-Been-Bad-at-Pacing-These-This-Semester Monday, Part 2

Posted by on Monday, December 9, 2013 in Academics, College Life, Freshman Life, General Information, Movies, Student Life, Traditions, Winter Break.

As I’ve previously established (if you frequently read the blog, props to you), I am really into holidays. I had a wonderful Halloween here just over a month ago, and since then time has flown by. My Thanksgiving trip home was fun, and now I’m back here for two weeks before I head back to snowy Massachusetts for the most wonderful time of the year. In the interim, I have been preparing for my 3 final exams and writing my 1 final paper. And taking some well-deserved study breaks for holiday get-togethers, coffee and snack refuels, and Christmas movies.

Snowman at VU Children's Hospital. All of Vanderbilt is in the Holiday Spirit. Props to VU Flikr for the photos.

There is no shame in watching Elf and How the Grinch Stole Christmas (No, not the old-school cartoon. Yes, the Jim Carrey/Taylor Momsen masterpiece) in between studying organic chemistry, calculus and anthropology and editing my philosophy paper. At least not in my eyes, which, frankly, is what matters here.

I also have no problems admitting that I’ve read “’Twas the Night Before Christmas” the poem (which was actually named A Visit from St. Nicholas) several times this week. Santa and I are obviously on good terms. So I now proudly give all of y’all the most wonderful holiday gift imaginable. (We all exaggerate from time to time. Let’s be real here.)

‘Twas the week of Vandy finals, when all through campus
All the students were stressing, making quite a fuss.
The libraries were packed with students trying to learn
Dreaming of the good final grades they will earn

The textbooks were stacked much higher than Kirkland
And shots of espresso caused many a shaking hand.
Well so much for lectures and so much for sleep
We need another Dead Week for our sanity to keep.

When out in my hall there arose quite some chatter
I jumped up from my desk to see what was the matter.
There were snacks and cookies in our beloved East Lobby,
Thank goodness baking is our faculty family’s new hobby.

I return to my desk with new lease on life,
I can’t for the life of me explain my past strife.
When all of the sudden I spy my large textbook,
I know tonight I should give it at least one more look.

So I read through the text and solve problems for a while,
Then I pick up my phone and give it a dial.
“Mom,” I proclaim as she answers my call
“I am not so convinced that I can do it all.”

She tells me I’m awesome and makes me feel better
And I hang up to put on my cozy, ugly Christmas sweater.
I take a good break to watch the movie called Elf,
And I laugh the whole time in spite of myself.
There’s plenty of time to prepare for my tests
Sometimes I need a break for my holiday fests.
I know I can do it and my classmates can too,
Even though campus and libraries feel like a zoo.

Now first-years, now sophomores, now juniors and seniors,
On Peabody, on Blair kids, engineers, arts and science,
You can ace those exams, you can get through them all,
Then celebrate, celebrate, celebrate all!
Best wishes for all and for all a good night (of sleep that is.) The End.

We are all about the holidays here at Vanderbilt.

*Yea, I would apologize for redacting so much of my masterpiece, but to be honest that whole middle section which would be about my encounter with finals is yet to happen because my first one is on Wednesday. Also, I kind of have to go study some more for that upcoming experience; although I would much rather continue to compose this beautiful work of literature. Happy studying. Happy exam-week. Happy holidays. Anchor Down.

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